It's about the output, not the tool.

You may recall hearing some people say, "oh, I could never switch to an ebook reader! I love books too much." They're in love with the container of the book, not the content.

Same with creation. I came up with an idea for a novel (I've done this before, many times, and actually written a few of them) and just dumped it into a text file.

Whenever I hear people asking, "what should I use for writing my novel?" I know they don't get it. It doesn't matter what tool you use to type your text. It's about the text that you've created, not about the tool you use to create the text. When I see authors bragging about writing an entire novel on the iPad, I wonder if it actually made a difference on the output, or if it was just a publicity stunt.

It doesn't matter if your GUI's minimalist, or if your computer is pretty. What matters is what you make with your tools.

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