I knew it would happen eventually.

For those of you who don't read Distrowatch religiously (not me, of course! what are we talking about?) you probably still heard that Debian 6.0 became stable a couple of weeks ago. If you enjoyed using the testing version of it at all you would know it's incredibly stable.

Of the bad things I can say about Debian, the worst be that my wi-fi driver is more sensitive to drops than in Ubuntu or Fedora. That's it. This is mainly because in Debian, fixing any issues I have are pretty much my burden, and I did that already a weekend ago. You set it up once and it's done. So, now I have my GNOME desktop that is what I want. And that's it.

Now that my distro-hopping days have finally ended, my habits have changed as well. I've noticed this in my past few installations. I take less risks and try less cool things. I'm boring, and I like it that way!

I'm still minimalist though. Very clean desktop we have here. But your actions really do change once you decide to never install your OS again. Sure, that's hyperbole, but it's also the mentality I'm inside of right now, and it's a fantastic change.

It sure does make for a lack of stuff to post on this blog, though. Sorry 'bout that.


Nathan R. Hale said...

That's the thing, isn't it, for us minimal linux bloggers. Essentially we have are actually working to have LESS to write about! I could try more stuff, but...that would get in the way of my minimal groove. Which is really helping me just compute, without a lot of junk in the way.

aberinkulas said...

@Nathan: Yep, exactly. I've been trying to be a bit more philosophical but my stats show that more people enjoy my more immediate, helpful posts and tips, so it's kind of a trade off between being helpful and finding new ways of being minimalist versus considering what the term means and explaining what my brain comes up with.

Well, at least we have backlogs for people to peruse.