Lowering Levels of Folders

Folders are great because they hide hidden clutter or complexity.

Try sorting your current files so that you only use one level of folders. This requires you to be:

-More specific
-Less eager to make more folders
-Less apt to shove something in a "misc" folder when that misc folder would get cluttered very, very quickly

It's not a steadfast rule and not everything works with it (music collections for example) but it's a fun exercise that helps reorganize and delete the unwanted.


Roland said...

Hey, since you have such a great blog. I want to know your opinion on social networking and such and how companies sell our personal information to marketing companies. Has social networking helped you in any way?

aberinkulas said...


I think social networking is a useful tool that can be used by people to communicate more efficiently than more classical means of communication.

However, as with everything, excessive communication comes at a price of privacy. In addition, yes, companies are interested in that information. There wouldn't be social networking if that wasn't the case.

I try to use less controlled means of communication such as email, and when it comes to Facebook and its peers, the information I share is limited. But it depends on what I consider to be private information. Is it a secret that I like Radiohead? No. But is it also necessary to start blabbing about my relationships and closed-door life? No it is not.

As a utilitarian, I see usefulness in the services and nothing comes for free. It's a good thing some information doesn't mean anything to me.