Am I A Minimalist?

So many people are wondering, "can I be considered a minimalist?" or "is this or that minimalist?" So many people seem to be operating under this idea that it's a card-carrying club, that we need to be Certified Minimalist by the Minimalist Bureau or else you can't be considered a proper "minimalist" like those cool kids with blogs.

Simple answer: Don't worry about your classification as a "minimalist." Strive for contentment. When you're content with your life, it doesn't matter.

Long answer: The problem is in the question: Minimalism is not like saying "I'm a Christian," which has a very distinct definition that has attached to it these specific demands, beliefs and actions. It's just the idea that less can work better. That's it. For some people, this concept leads to contentment. Maybe it will for you.

It's a concept. You decide what the concept means in execution. Removing things you love from your life isn't minimalist, it's torturing yourself because you're holding yourself to a standard you don't need and doesn't even exist outside the realms of your own mind. YOU decide what you need and what you would be better off without. YOU decide what makes you happy.

But first you have to figure out what you want.

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aberinkulas said...

My original words that inspired this blog were equally inspirational to the mod that runs r/minimalism, so now a quote similar to this blog sits in the r/minimalism sidebar:

"Minimalism isn't some card-carrying club; it's just the concept of 'being content with your life'. You decide what that concept means in execution."