Debian 6.0

I tried Debian testing today.

I installed everything on the first CD and it gave me Gnome, Iceweasel, Epiphany (which is really awesome), Evolution, Ekiga, GIMP, Transmission, Empathy,, Cheese, Brasero, Rhythmbox, Totem, Lifera, Transmission, and a couple dozen more programs.

I had fun uninstalling many of them. Synaptic was also included, so it was a piece of cake.

My laptop uses iwlagn as its Wi-fi driver, so I searched for it in Synaptic and installed the suggested package. I rebooted and Wi-fi worked, for the first time on a Debian OS for me.

I copied over the fonts folder from Fedora and my fonts became mostly pretty. I downloaded Firefox so that I wasn't using Iceweasel, just because I'm odd that way. I downloaded the nVidia drivers and they worked out of the box.

It's fast and light. It's easy to configure.

Ten out of five stars.

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Nathan R. Hale said...

Glad to see you're enjoying Debian. For the somewhat experienced Linux user, Debian is definitely a friggin' great option.