A discussion on freedom

MNMAL posted a post today.

I'll skip discussing the open source ideology attacks because there are no pieces of evidence to back up the author's claims; just opinion. I see no point in discussing it further than the token "I disagree, here's why, blah blah blah."

"might never be there is bad for the users of those phones."

You think the iPhone is "there." Congrats. Here's a cookie. Now stop bashing everything around you as if you're ripping the curtain off of some enlightened encyclopedia that everyone seems to be ignorant of but you. I don't see the point in an iPhone at all, but you don't see me making snarly comments about its development theory like it called my mother a bad name.

Minimalism is finding what YOU find the most important and eliminating the rest. Not what Apple or Steve Jobs thinks. Not what hipsters at Starbucks think, or some blogger ranting about Linux (both in the good or in the bad). If you agree with their philosophies, that is fine. Jump on the train.

But it's not about which train you jump on. It's about finding the very core of what makes you happy, and focusing on that very thing. Not just looking and appearing minimal on the surface, but being functionally minimal deep within.

Through Linux, I have found minimalism. It contains the core of what I believe to be the most important computing principles. And that is why I stay.

Now stop attacking me and my platform! Let's discuss ideals, not OS zealotry wars.


Nathan R. Hale said...

Nathan from http://minimallinux.com here. Thanks for your message. I enjoyed your link to the Cowon 9. Looks like a solid player. I own an older Cowon iAudio 7, and it's still going strong. They make great players! Unfortunately ogg support was lacking...it just didn't sound good.

I think your minimalist computing principals are right on...

aberinkulas said...

@Nathan: Thanks for reading!

Hmm, OGG support wasn't so great for the Cowon players? Uh oh, I think I better do some research before I get too focused on buying one then. Thanks for the info.

Caleb said...

Again, thank you so much! The post from MNMAL truly annoyed me and, once again, I share your feelings. It seems to me to be simple rambling on about blind Apple lust, as I like to call it. Your blog continues to be a refreshing look into what minimalism can be, and I thank you for that, while also continuing to read!