The Sansa Clip+

The collective drama I've made about the iPod platform has probably turned a bottle of water into wine somewhere. But what am I to do when there's another complication in the whole music player hullaballo?

Yes, I came into possession of a Sansa Clip+, a small, lightweight little MP3 player that does everything I wish the iPod nano did.

-OGG/FLAC support (along with the standard LAME MP3 support as well)

-Drag and drop music libraries (like a flash drive, not with all that iTunes mess)

-Faster interface

-Sounds nicer

My only gripe is that the firmware's set of menus and systems isn't exactly perfect, but then again, there is a Rockbox port for the little Clip+. Rockbox makes the interface even better, adds support for AAC and other codecs, and increases battery life to around 15-18 hours.

My only complaint? It's not the software, it's the hardware - it's not big enough. It's too small. It weighs next to nothing and I'll probably end up losing it on myself at some point.

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