Starting Over

One of the strengths of the free software platform is being able to have multiple instances of the same thing, if you need it. I recently took advantage of this by installing a smaller, self contained Fedora installation next to my main one.

When I say self contained, I mean it. I don't transfer anything but the most essential files. If I listen to music, I re-encode it from the CD. If I need a to do list, I make a new one.

I think this is healthy for me, especially when I start getting more and more work on my plate and I forget to keep my workspace clean. My data accumulates. By starting over, from the very basics, I can re-assess what I think is the most important.

Uusually these self contained installations become my main OS, and then the old one gets reinstalled to become a new one, and so forth. Maybe I've been reinstalling tool much? Ah well, it keeps me where I want to be.


I left my Sansa Clip+ plugged into a USB port overnight and that brought it back from the dead. However, I cannot reccomend such a product, even if it's not out of the game - too unreliable.

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