More Vintage Computing

Okay, how hard is it to get a computer?

I mean, any computer. We're not talking quality here.

I have three computers right now, one assembled from various parts I got for free from various sources, one that I got whole from a family member and one that I'm forced to rent from my campus.

Not only this, but I've got some other computers waiting for me at my father's house when I want them.

Reasons why these computers are now mine:

-Too much software in Windows slowed it down and made the user assume the computer was no longer useful
-Viruses made the user assume the computer was toast
-Didn't run a new video game! Ah, time to upgrade.*
-Needed a new version of Windows for some software (for work or whatever)
-It was running Windows ME, so it was doomed from the start. No, I'm serious, I've gotten a ton of stuff from ME.

Heck, I don't know why I'd be paying for computers any time soon. I've got too many right now.

*I will admit, playing StarCraft II on my laptop made me look forward to the day that a family member gives me a good graphics card.

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