I'm standing at a crossroads, twiddling my moustache. A woman passes, I tip my hat in her direction. Etc Etc.

I have two computers I'm using right now: a laptop and a desktop. What should I put on their little hard drives? I only have a week to make this stuff work, and then it's nose-to-the-grind get-stuff-done attitude. I won't have time to rework the OS after that.

Ugh, such pressure. Unlike some people, though, I don't react to pressure much. I just kind of squish out of the way, like Play-Doh.

Fedora 13: Great battery life, lots of useless updates

Ubuntu 10.04: Has games, pretty fonts, and a ton of crap I don't want (ubuntu one, all those "social" apps, etc.)

Debian 5.0.5: Stable as a dead cow, requires effort and internet to make usable

Whatever I choose, I'm destined to regret it for some insane and stupid reason. Oh, the trials of being a nerd: having to take trivial matters with such passion!

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