I take it back

The Sansa Clip+ back and forth that I posted quite verbosely a month or two ago was, well, overstated. And apparently it died on me at some point, which I have eventually nailed down to the way that the device works with the battery life, in that if it dies, it must be plugged in over night in a socket to be revived.

So, sure, that's an issue. But I'm glad that I decided to be a big boy and get over it, because the Sansa Clip+ might just be the best Linux-compatible MP3 player around. I've already discussed why, but I just wanted to reiterate that. It's not fair to leave a negative impression dangling out there in the cold.

Also, I mentioned the Sansa sounds nicer than the iPod. Yes, i have confirmed this using blind tests and all sorts of other nonsense. The Hold Steady's latest album sounds cramped and a little bit chopped off audio-wise on the iPod, but a little bit more open and free on the Clip+. Same thing with Panda Bear's album Person Pitch.

Good stuff.

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