A quick note on DRM

I've been an outspoken opponent of DRM in the many years I've been writing blogs, but it seems I've mellowed out with minimalism.

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a piece of software designed to limit a user's ability to share, backup, play, copy, and resell media.

See, the simple way that DRM works is like this: if you make the product less appealing, then I won't buy it, saving me the trouble of wondering if I want it or not.

DRM is never applied on anything I actually need (except for one exception*) so it's easy to just say, "well, new movie out, but it's got lots of DRM on it, so I won't bother." So, in a way, DRM is helping minimalists everywhere!

*The exception here being Windows. I need to dump Windows as soon as I can! Maybe I'll make it a weekend project in the future. The main thing is planning for those crazy moments that I need Windows for that I forget about later.

I find it odd that I have friends who avoid DRM like it's AIDS, but feel perfectly fine running Windows. Maybe I'm missing something.

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