Dangers of Projection

I know this may sound strange, but don't take this blog, or any blog, seriously. Don't look at me or any other blogger and hold yourself up to these characters and wonder if you match up.

Why? Because you don't have the full story. You never will. Blogs are a selective connection, lacking so many smaller details about a person you never learn.

Some of the blogs are designed to specifically hold back information to make a clean projection of what they want you to think. I won't do that. But I also won't go out of my way to point out the flaws in my system unless it's relevant. You won't know about how I falter and don't always do what I preach on this blog. As much as I think about minimalism, I'm not perfect. Nobody is. Never trust a blog that says they are, especially if they have something to gain from you thinking so, like an ebook sale.

So if you look at the minimalist blogs and compare them to yourself and despair, what happens? You hold yourself back. You're holding yourself up to external standards that probably don't even exist.

Blogs are useful, but you have to take them on a case-by-case basis. Use their ideas. Implement suggestions that work for you. Be selective and judgmental.

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