My Minimalism: Walking

I love to bike. Unfortunately my bike is currently lying in the living room with pieces scattered around it, some of them broken. While I would love to spend a week researching used bikes and making a purchase better than this terrible and cheap supermarket bike that broke on me so easily, life doesn't stop sometimes. My initial reaction was to grit my teeth while using my car to drive to all of the several-mile destinations that my latest humble abode is located directly in the middle of.

And then I remembered how much I love to walk recreationally.

I love to walk. Doesn't matter where, really. Just looking and seeing, and maybe listening to music while I do it. I don't have a goal in mind, I'm just existing and letting the world's waves wash against me.

My favorite time to walk is just before the sun sets, when the shadows begin to grow and stretch across the landscape, and the lights turn on in all of the houses. The bats come out and spin around whatever moves, orbiting me like little moons circling a planet, eating the bugs. That's when you don't see too many people, just your environment in a different setting.

I do like the bike's speed, and it allows me to get to a destination without any extra money and barely any effort. I will be certain to replace the one I used to have, but in the meantime I suppose I can just head out a good fifteen minutes early and take it a little slower. It may be a little more quiet, and I may have to plan and make some notes about my walking speed, but I think I can manage for a bit without too much effort.

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