My Minimalism: Writing


That is a very forceful suggestion, and it may be one of the most important pieces of advice I ever give.

My most powerful epiphanies and personal revelations have come from writing this blog. Sure, it may be vague and conceptual, but it's hard to communicate just how much it helps to see the words on the screen, after they have been translated from these clouds in my head into actual words and see how they can be applied. Writing through an idea requires me to fully understand what I'm saying, to see it from multiple perspectives and get a grip on exactly where the idea will take me.

Even though I've never shared my real name or information on this blog (I never found it important) it's almost like I have this thing I have to live up to. I know I am capable of becoming this thing that I write. It's not even a separate character, it's more like a projection of me through the lens that I have spent so much time creating. These ideas came from me, so I know I want this and can do it. Reading these words, and feeling the pride from writing them down, it gives me the energy I need to embrace what I type.

You don't have to write like I do. You don't have to be good at it. I certainly wasn't when I started blogging, and I still make mistakes. (An entry on books shouldn't have spelling issues.) You don't have to make it public, although you can and if you do give me a link. You can type it, or write it on real paper, or engrave it into stone tablets. I keep a lot of personal writing to myself, which I sometimes make public. When it has served its purpose, I throw it away. I do it because it helps sort out the mind and the weird way it works.

The more you write about yourself, the better vocabulary you have to deal with your intricacies, and the better self-awareness you can build. The more you write, the easier it becomes to come up with new ideas, think of things from a different perspective, and to talk to yourself about the things that matter most. Write for you and the rest will come.

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