New Name! MGL is now aberMinimal.

Minimalist GNU/Linux is now aberMinimal, which is the same name as the tumblr.

The URL will stay the way it is despite its inaccuracy because I like getting linked to.

Why the name change?

Number one. Easier for me to type. I'm bad at slashes in names and MGL is a terrible acronym.

Number two. Links the tumblr and the blogspot account. As much as I like tumblr, long text is better on blogspot. It also segregates the tumblr's smaller ideas and images from the blogspot's larger essays. 

Number three. Better branding. I'm gathering some popularity and traffic and I'd like to make it clear what I'm doing here. I'm not about Linux anymore.

Number four. I want to have the "aberinkulas" name somewhat frontal for the blog's author. If Batman movies teach me anything, it's the importance of theatrics and money. But also presence, which is another good thing.

I also want to take the time to thank everyone who has started following this blog in the past month, in addition to everyone who was following me before and has read my stuff ever since I started by getting into a tussle with that guy who runs/ran MNMAL. As much as this blog is for me, I can't describe how it feels to have your ideas spread like wildfire; ideas that you think will make people's lives better.

Please feel free to comment all over any blog entry, and contact me at my author name with "mails" appended on the end at gmail dot com.

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