Her Two Rules

I traveled a bit in the past month to keep my wits about me, and it was an undeniable pleasure to see such a different world. Urban environments are very different from suburban-esque towns, and while I appreciate the quiet of my home, I still very much enjoy to explore alternate means of living. If there was a single word I would put to the point of my life, it would be "exploration."

In the first trip I took, I met an older lady who was well versed in the traveling ways and she gave me two pieces of advice that she moves and lives by. I listened to her delightful stories over a bright breakfast about a month ago.

1) You can't do everything.

You are finite. You are limited. And you must prioritize. Not coming to terms with this will lead to unhappiness and bitterness.

2) Never forget to pack your sense of humor and your perspective.

Things may go wrong. You may feel overwhelmed, or busy within your own little mind. We forget that there's a world around us, and it is bigger and more complex than any single mind can comprehend. If you can't see that, and stop taking yourself too seriously, the weight of a subjective and heavily emotional perspective - a trait we all share as human beings - will get to you and render you less productive.

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