Emacs key bindings wallpaper

I'm still learning Emacs and I decided to make a wallpaper of the most popular keybindings to help. Use it at your leisure.

The font used in the wallpaper was Inconsolata, a stunning monospace font.

I've been learning Emcas mostly because I like it as a text editor, but also for Org Mode (which some keybindings can be seen on the right side of my wallpaper). Org Mode is a powerful to-do list that can organize your tasks, store different dates, times and deadlines, and quickly and efficiently add or remove tasks as they are finished.

It's simple on first glace, but like Emacs, if you continue to dig you will find more and more shortcuts, functionality, and design. It's an incredibly good program for organizing data in any sort, and as a to-do list it's the best I've ever encountered.

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bastiano said...

Thank you.
I,ve inverted it to white on black. Looks more geeky :D and less bright for my eyes.