A New Challenge

Let's not let my new shiny theme distract from this valuable content! This week I actually have free time, which is a refreshing change. And with the success of my OGG Vorbis switch, I'm considering doing yet another self-dare.

The problem with most of the ones that I've thought of is that they interfere with my school work directly. I can't switch to exclusively free software, and I can't switch to exclusively console. My constraints, however self-imposed, are subject to the structure that I am driving forward within to receive my education. What a pity that the educational system cannot see the folly of its own mandated structure!

As Ken from Project HeliOS has said, "A child's exposure to technology should never be predicated on the ability to afford it."

In any case, I'm considering a few options, such as using nothing but Emacs for text or only installing software through compilers. But these lack the same simplicity as the OGG swap, and they're not quite as immediate.

Suggestions are, as usual, encouraged.


I've found that LibriVox is quite appealing, once you find a good reader and book.

The website isn't greeat, but with the Firefox downloader add-on DownthemAll (thankfully open source!) it's trivial to download all OGG files on a page. I've already downloaded a dozen audiobooks.

The OGG filter for Down Them All is:


For Theora links:


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