Tiling WM's

I decided to try out a few new window managers and configurations in Debian today.

I tried Enlightenment 16, which was, well, baffling. I'm not entirely sure what the extra windows do, and the general workings of the desktop baffle me. It's now the window manager of Gnome on my Debian install instead of Metacity, which is kind of an issue.

Thankfully, the star of the show was Awesome, a tiling window manager that managed to steal what I liked from Fluxbox and make it its own thing. I've got to say, the tiling WM thing really just lights my bulb. It's really quite fantastic.

I'm going to revive the old Celeron desktop and play with Arch for a bit, and while I'm there I'm going to try my hand at compiling and running some of the tiling WM's to see which one I like. Awesome seems a little bit too heavy for my tastes, but I'm not sure I can strip down to DWM just yet. Musca looks promising, as does Ratpoison.

On a tangential note, I managed to figure out Newsbeuter, the popular RSS feed reader for the console. I may migrate from Google Reader depending on what I can make it do.


I did get around to trying Ubuntu 10.10. Verdict? Pretty font, but everything else is the same. I'm sticking with 10.04 for my Ubuntu needs.

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Roland said...

Love tiling wm, i recently moved from openbox to dwm(with a pango patch).

I also started using newsbeuter, much faster than greader.
Now, i need to figure out how to configure mutt.