OGG Vorbis update #2

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the Vorbis switcheroo has gone stunningly well.

My music library has both shrunk and grown. It's more manageable, less complicated, and far more engaging. This has also simplified my hardware needs as well - it has completely removed any desire to use the iPods.

I said I was going to stay OGG for a week, so I'll keep doing so, but I see no reason to go back. I may, after the week is up, transfer some MP3 songs that I missed, and consider buying the disc copies so I can craft my own OGG's.

I'm surprised of how little I miss both my established music library as well as buying new music. I know, it's only been four days, but as someone who lives and breathes music, this is a pretty radical change for me, and one that I appreciate.

Stuff I've discovered:

-Jason Rohrer is an independent game developer who follows our path.You should check out his stuff, even if you're not a gamer; I plan on buying and discussing Sleep is Death in the future. Before Rohrer made games, he ran an experimental record label and made some of his own tunes. They're good.

-I like Abyssal Plains. I own the full MP3 album Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala, but my favorite tracks are already included in a free Kahvi EP, available in Ogg. I especially love the first song.

-The game Unreal Tournament 2004 uses OGG as its music codec. The files are all easy to access. There's an odd drinking song about boats in there that puzzled me greatly. I hope it's a developer sense of humor.

-Did I ever link to this blog? Legally free albums, on a blog. Yep. Good blog.

-Ripping to FLAC saves you time re-encoding things later. And it's not like I'm doing anything else with all of that hard drive space. I get lost in 320 GB. I have to partition it down to 100 GB or I have nightmares.

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