Distro's Recycling Angle

I really like how some distros are angling their wares in a different light: a recycle angle.

Take a look at this godawful website, for example. It's a light version of Lubuntu, called Quelitu, that promotes using old computers to save the environment.

I've seen this in Watt OS as well, among other random projects (I believe even the open source Notepad++ program for Windows was all about saving CPU cycles or something) and it pleases me. It shows that, if anything, there is a market for old computers running Linux.

I'd probably not install an Ubuntu derivative on an old computer myself, and probably customize a Debian install or use Absolute Linux, but I like that some people find it worthy of their time and are trying to spreading the word to the community. Maybe I'll write a nice, basic post for people on how to recycle with Linux in the near future.

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