Advertising bugs

This website has one advertising bug watching you. It's called Google Analytics, and it's used to run the comments section. Otherwise, there's nothing. I don't need advertising on here.

On my blog on Gamespot, there are three bugs watching the users. Comscore Beacon, Facebook Connect, and Revenue Science. Blockng these bugs does not affect the webpage at all. They're used exclusively to find things out about you. Keep in kind many of Gamespot's ads are glorified images with links.

Reddit, Soup, and Tumblr all have two bugs apiece.

Some unnamed tech sites have up to twelve bugs watching you. None of these will assist you from reading the website. Using Ghostery, these are all blocked and you can see the content left behind. Whatever scraps are left.

Side note: I find it amusing that many of the websites promoting frugality and small living have so many bugs on their website that you may be blinded by the sheer intensity of the thing. I'm not mean enough to post examples (for both you and the websites' sake - are those things contagious?), but check out the subreddit r/Anticonsumption for some nasty examples, with the occasional interesting article.

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