More OGG!

When I started this OGG experiment I took out my little MicroSD card out of my Sansa Clip+, thinking, oh, I'll never fill up that much space. Yet here I am putting it back.

The hypothesis was reversed. I've got more new music than I've had in months. I haven't paid a single penny, at least so far. This hunt has shown me just how much great music is on the internet, if you just look.

This is mostly Kahvi Collective's fault, and this torrent shows why. Jamendo was also a culprit. Anything remotely interesting on that site that happens to have an active OGG torrent I throw into a client and download/seed (because hey, it's all legal!).

To be honest, it's been a busy week, and this has been a nice way to cool down: find some good music on Jamendo, throw up some torrents for some overnight downloading, and sit back and listen to the previous night's wares.

Parting note: I recommend this song greatly, which can be downloaded in this Kahvi album for free. It's one of my new favorite songs.

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