Name change, among other points

I've realised that the confusion on my part between my blog which was called Minimal Linux and Nathan's Tumblr which was also called Minimal Linux was becoming more of a pain than I could have imagined. Thus, I experimented and came up with a new name: Minimalist GNU/Linux, or MGL for short.

I added the -ist just for differentiation sake, and the GNU part onto Linux to make Stallman happy. Sure, I made the name way more complicated and harder to say, but at least there are no other blogs with the same name, gosh darn it.

If anyone has any better named that aren't quite so long, suggest them in the comments.


According to Blogspot's stats window, my traffic has gone up in the last week. I sincerely thank you all who are reading and I hope you find something interesting here.


I found it interesting when a few websites were buzzing about Firefox 4's increased speed compared to Chrome. Sure, this is nice that we're aiming for performance, but it doesn't really fix the problem: websites are getting too bloated, fat, and inefficient.

If you've ever had the displeasure of browsing OMGUbuntu for news, you'll find that, without an ad blocker or ad bug blocker like Ghostery, the website's performance is slow, sluggish, and can affect other tabs in your session. Ever used Slashdot for more than ten minutes? Their heaps of Ajax will start to beat you over the head. How about ComputerWorld or any of those tabloid PC news websites? Yeah, if you're not using a text web browser for them (which will only net you a paragraph of their stories at a time, broken up over ten pages anyhow) you might as well be running a high end video game.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. But while it's great that the browsers are trying to fix the problem, the issues are really with the websites where we get our content. I haven't explored the design of MGL much, but I've tried to make my website layout fairly easy to navigate, explore, and see. I WANT people to see my content. That's the whole point of making a website.

It's sad that the only way you can actually browse the internet with some semblance of sanity and security is in a locked down Firefox with Adblock Plus, Ghostery, Flashblock, and sometimes NoScript. You really do have to stop all that junk from entering your computer, and it's pitiful.

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Nathan R. Hale said...

Thanks for the link, and also sorry for any confusion! I'm not sure which one of us had the title first. In any event, thanks for being so gracious.